a coffee drinking, picture taking, music loving,
seeker of light and loving Momma to 3...

about the girl behind the camera...

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I never felt I belonged.
The sunshine, the wavy palm trees and perfect weather brought no satisfaction to my artist heart.
I trusted that somehow, I would be lead where I was meant to be. 
 I married the love of my life at 23.
We've created three perfect humans that I have the joy of teaching and loving each day.
After Paul's PTSD and depression diagnosis, we set off in search of peace and healing.
The universe brought us to the south.
A small town in the deep country where leaves turn colors during the fall and snow covers the ground in the winter.
The air is clean and everyone gives a wave as you drive by.
My heart will always be in California... but my soul is here in the southern part of Tennessee!
My camera and writing are two of my many passions.
 Sometimes they collide for a perfect combination of what lies deep within my soul.
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